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On April 4, 1974, the Clandonald Agricultural Society was officially approved as a charter under the Agricultural Societies Act by Hugh M. Horner, Minister of Agriculture.  Over the years, the presidents of the Agricultural Society have been:

  • Denis McCormack – 1974 to 1979

  • Gerald Martin – 1980 to 1981

  • Matt Harasiuk – 1982 to 1984

  • Dever DeFord – 1985 to 1986

  • Matt Harasiuk/Allan Thomas – 1987

  • Dennis Rewuski – 1988 to 1989

  • Eugene Martin – 1990

  • Dever DeFord – 1991 to 1997

  • Dever DeFord/Ron Harasiuk – 1998

  • Ron Harasiuk – 1999 to present


The Arena was built in 1977.  Over the years, the agricultural grounds have been upgraded with a bandshelter, concession booth with washroom facilities, and campsite building.  The old Curling Rink was renovated into a storage facility.

In 2014, the front portion of the Arena was replaced to make it wheelchair accessible.


The design and slogan for the sign at the north entrance of Clandonald was through a competition.  The design was done by Dustin Molineux and slogan by Denise Martin - "The Little Hamlet with Lots of Heart." 


The Clandonald Agricultural Society hires a summer laborer during the summer months to cut the grass and keep the town neat.  Trees on the east end of the agricultural grounds and by the event sign and two Clandonald signs were donated by Craig’s in Vermilion.  Planters are taken care of by individual directors to help with the beautification of our community.



Where Town and Country Meet

The first Clandonald Country Fair was held on July 23, 1977.  This event continues and is still modeled after the old-time fairs with no admission charged and a day filled with activities for young and old.  The Agricultural Society is proud to support and host such events as:

  • “Hay” Clandonald – 3rd Friday in January

  • Hockey Night in Clandonald – February

  • Clandonald Town Cleanup – April or May

  • Clandonald Country Fair – 2nd weekend in August


In 2011, Susanne and Denise Martin compiled stories and photos to publish the "Our Memories of Clandonald" history book.  They donated all of their time to complete this project with all funds raised going to the Agricultural Society.  It was a huge undertaking, but a very successful one.  All of the history books were sold out within five months.  We were so appreciative of all the stories and photos submitted to preserve our history.

New members are always welcome to join.  Our annual meeting is held at the beginning of December.  With the support of the community and dedicated directors, the Clandonald Agricultural Society continues to support community events and organizations.  Lots of fun with hard work continues to be the success of our society.

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